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Our Company

While we do have sub-offices located in Shanghai, China, we’re a USA incorporated business from Tennessee. We have a 3PL facility located in Morrison, TN, and a new warehouse in Orangeburg, TN.

Our trusted clientele consists of everything from Fortune 500 US to European commercial vehicle companies. Unlike other service providers, our team is made up of experienced international and local workers. Whether they’re working on the ground in factory lines or completing a hands-on inspection, you can always trust them to negotiate with factory management on your behalf.

Here at Finishing Solutions, we believe that partnership works both ways. While you may be looking for inexpensive labor and tooling costs, the suppliers are looking to see what their counterparts can offer. Recognizing that a commitment from both sides is necessary to support business over the long – term, Finishing Solutions has exclusive agreements with a small cadre of loyal suppliers who are interested in developing the US and European markets.

Make Finishing Solutions your trusted business partner. We’ll outsource your metal finishing needs at a lower cost, without having to sacrifice your need for quality.

We try to be kind on the Environment and urge our customers and supply partners to use Reusable/Recyclable packing materials as much as possible.

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About The Founder

Meet our founder, Jonathan Egan. Originally from Kildare, Ireland, Jonathon graduated from Trinity College in Dublin where he studied Economics. He then moved to Taiwan in to study Mandarin, and in 2004 he relocated to Shanghai, China. There, he worked as a Program Manager for an automotive trading company.

In the following years, Jonathan consulted for several companies with outsourcing production needs to China, and improved their product designs and capabilities while simultaneously providing outstanding cost savings. He soon developed an understanding of the engineering and resources required for getting projects off the ground. Building and maintaining trust on both ends of the chain is what keeps both Chinese vendors and Western customers happily returning. In his 12 years living in China, Jonathan has mastered the Mandarin language and cultivated a formidable network of Chinese automotive suppliers, becoming exclusive to the US market.

In 2012, Jonathan started China Metal Solutions (CMS) to provide a turnkey set of solutions not only for product design, manufacturing, and quality control; but for financing and supply chain management. CMS specialises in exterior decorative components for commercial vehicle use. Our parts have been assembled on millions of trucks in the US alone.

Now, 5 years later, Jonathan is taking on a new endeavor: Finishing Solutions. Specifically, Plating on Plastic has the highest demand and is growing more rapidly than other other services in the metal sphere, and Finishing Solutions is hoping to bring the same peace of mind and quality control that CMS has brought to vendors and customers worldwide since 2012.

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